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A death row inmate can be kept alive indefinitely, and at very low cost, intravenously. That is the minimum to which it is legally entitled, until execution. The inmates brain is active, the heart is beating, and catheters can remove waste from its body.
Just to show we have a heart, we can give it a balloon on its birthday.

Humans on death row? Where? I don't see any.
Oh wait, the guards. Right.

Inject 'em if it costs a billion dollars apiece. The satisfaction of living in a country where murderers die for their crimes is worth it.May I hear an 'amen' from the choir?

the condemned murderer's family doesn't count.

Murderers are biological waste

What doesn't matter is how a murderer feels about its crime or about its victim after receiving a sentence of death. To most of the public, the murderer at that point is already dead, and is merely queued for disposal.

This assumes a vicious killer ever regrets its crime, prior to execution. It really doesn't matter, since, by definition, one can never atone for murder.

If you're worried about the subjectivity of juries during the penalty phase, make capital punishment automatic following a finding of guilt.

They have a funny way of showing remorse, by continuing to breathe

It doesn't matter how old she is, or why she did it, or whether or not she's insane or sick, or whether she will or won't kill again. If she did it, gas/inject/shoot/fry her, whatever's the cheapest. If we applied this simple logic to every convicted murderer, the world, or at least the state I live in, would be a better place.

Is there any difference between a murderer and a mad dog?

To you, a murderer is a person. To me, and anyone serious about the death penalty, it is not.I don't give a*darn*about the families of the condemned. They shouldn't give a*darn*about the condemned, either. If one of my kids committed murder, I'd want to see them executed myself.

Murderers are far lower on the moral scale than animals. These are condemned murderers. If you are really worried about the mental state of a condemned murderer, put it into a coma until the date of its expungement.

Murderers don't need help, any more than rabid dogs do. You simply put them down and move on.

You can't murder a murderer. It's dead the moment it receives a sentence of death. The execution is merely a formality.

I don't know why the prisons even allow correspondence, let alone vistitations, with these lunatic ladies. DR inmates are in purgatory pending execution. That's the way it is, and that's what they should feel. The only way out is suicide or the needle. 

perhaps the various DOC's should add a bar about oh say 8 ft above the floor to each cell on their DR's and begin selling rope in their commisarys

Or do it yourself Lethal Injection kits

Or cyanide pills. One for the murderer, and one for his scumpal wife. 

Well Joe you have caused me to rethink my ideas here,the antis like to claim its all State sponsored suicide,so my compassionate side has took over.Instead of selling the rope or IV kits in commisary,just give it to them as a housewarming gift their first day on the row,

Oh, I do want to help. I simply want to help the murderer come to terms with its crime -- with the help of my little friends, pancuronium bromide and potassium chloride. It's the decent thing to do.

The condemned are already dead. They need to feel that way prior to disposal, unless, of course, they do the public a favor and do the right thing

Do you honestly think that any of the pro's on this board would give this exhuman a second thought now that justice has been done

IF the sister 'supports' this murdering bastard, they should take the liver out, while he is alive, no anastitic and set it on fire and then stomp on it and let the murderer's support group know how the other half lives... (this was said about a man that wanted to give his liver to his sick sister prior to his execution)

They focus on the murderer (er, "inmate," rather) and how we may act humanely in reference to it. I completely disregard any characteristics of a murderer as worthy of consideration, and remind fellow citizens of the crime committed and that our natural instinct to extinguish the murderer is not something we ought to ignore.

It was garbage before the execution, and garbage afterwards. No biggie.