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whoever killed mamabear's daughter should be torn apart limb by limb.

personally favor Electrocution as a form of execution...the notion that executions should be painless is ridiculous in my own oppinion

My vote was for the gas chamber since there were no choices for a more painful execution. The gas chamber at least makes the mutts gasp, feel a horrible burning sensation in thier lungs, they get an instant migrane headache and in some cases try to hold thier breath which is actually worse because when they can no longer hold thier breath, they take in a deep gulp and that is a real bit*ch....

You forgot to include my favorite choice.....Burning at the stake.Nothing beats a good pig cooking ya know.

Agaveman and I favor big microwaves and live cremation, respectively. (The former, as prescribed by law, should be set to "Popcorn.")

Cowboy Here.

Live cremation is best.

1,500 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours, then to the pulverizer. You can fit the cremains in a Wheaties box and hand it to the murderer's parents.

The KGB used to take traitors, strap them to a metal tray, and insert them slowly into an incernator. The event was flimed, along with the screams of the executed, as a warning to any potential future traitors.

OK, something more humane, like big microwaves. I'll compromise and settle for the self-cleaning variety

Public Stoning and Crucifixion are my personal favorites

The problem with the face catching on fire is that the oil producing glands around the face secrete very nasty smelling oil when burnt along with the many epidermis levels of the face. Since skin/epidermis is an 'organ', it contains a lot of various fluids which, when ignited with such high doses of electrical power will instantly fry emitting a strong and repugnant odor...
Compared to electrocution, the lethal injection method is a cake walk…
Bring back the chair..bring back real justice....

The burning of witches was wrong only because they weren't really witches. American cast murderers out, as well. The way we do it now is via lethal injection, although burning them alive would suit me fine.

we can only hope that his last moments were in excrutieating pain

Normally I would say impalement. A certain someone on here has taken to the Brazen Bull, so long as I can stoke the fire great. Benty is also on the right track with the chainsaw. However this creep needs something particularly singular like Ian Huntley.
I'd say either a hot rod of iron up anus, molten lead down the throat, skinned alive or likewise death by a thousand cuts. Alas all are relatively quick, and lack public participation. That leaves public gibbetting or germanic style public burning. Thats where the condemnd is hoisted above the *deleted*s so that he slowly roasts like a fat pig on a spit. In this case I opt for the boats.

I don't know can't there be away to get rid of them (child murderers) in a way that could help the invironment? I don't know maybe feed them to sharks? Good ideas though.

oh chair of jutice
oh throne of bliss
the killers shall burn
in electrical hiss
no motions no stays
no life in their eyes
your electrical pain
is the devil's sunrise
they shave their heads
and strap them down tight
they're filled with emotion
they're parylized with fright
we strap their left ankle
we then shave their their head
before you know it
they soon will be dead
they strap you down good
cover your head with a hood
its now time to die
your plea was a lie
i hope you will learn
burn baby burn...
its a work in progress

Your concept of American jurisprudence is very skewed, RED. By your logic no pleas should be entered into the record at all.There is nothing to be gained in a trial if a criminal accepts both responsibility for his crime and the punishment accruing from his violation of the law. He can plead guilty and be sentenced on the spot if he or she so wishes. That is only to be encouraged in the name of justice, not discouraged.----->

--->Then he's off to the crematory!

---->Or to the Popcorn Machine. I'm flexible.