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Penpals are not a particuly important issue to me.
Here's to making the issue of Penpals even less important by cranking up the rate of executions.
Still partial to that idea writing to them to drop urging them to drop their appeals though

another liberal wasting their time not thinking about the MVS

Thats the point anti, we dont want to understand why you scumpals do this, we simply want these exhuman murderering pieces of flesh removed from the face of the planet. We want them to have no choices, to exercise no passion, to be miserable and hopefully to die in pain.

Pluck a murderer, and its scumpal vibrates.

Nah it would be ruled cruel and inhumane to give a German scumpal cyanide pills,they'd be too overtly reminded of their former first lady Eva.....

Well, frankly, in MY opinion, prisons should limit outside access to prisoners. They are in PRISON, not summer camp. And it may cut down on the groupies that for whatever reason want to have contact with this trash.

These exhumans are to die for the murder of the innocent, they are of no value to society, society has resolved to terminate them. They deserve no happiness or joy.

The point is that you can't simultaneously be on the side of victims and the side of those that murdered them. To write a murderer is to choose sides. It's obvious which side the scumpal is on.

You condone murder by associating with murderers. What murderers deserve is determined by the non-murdering citizens of the state that sentenced it -- the murderer -- to death.

All these warm fuzzies are going to make me puke. Can we get back to the subject of death, please?

What do you write of worth? Save a murderer even if they raped and murdered a child. Anyone who opposes their death sentence is a murderer also.

I think this former scumpal has summed up the "nice dignified"guys on the row.She says basically the same we all do,the mutts are thinking only of themself,noone else.
I suppose this thread will draw me some heat,I look forward to returning in kind if it does.I just wanted to show that despite what you say about your pals on the row,there are those amongst you who have finally saw the truth behind the glass..........KILL THE KILLER MAKE A SCUMPAL LONELY

i cant fathom who is worse .....the mutt for wanting these women to write to them, or the psycotic women that do..
either way i dont agree with any of it

Hahaha,these women surely are fascinated by the fact that these monsters are (more (Texas) or less (the rest of the US) on the edge of death....If they were lifers,they would care a daxm
What a complete wast of stamps,why not write to,let's say,lonely old people or to orphants?
Or,why not donate the money (for the stamps) for something charitative?

Writing to a deathrow SCUMPAL shows complete disregard for the victim and the victims family.
These convicted murderers are not going to tell you anything that resembles the truth in any way for a few reasons
First, thier outgoing mail is read and anything to admit to being guilty would be exposed and used against them.
Second, they use the Scumpals that write to Scumpals to see what help, money, naked pictures or wahtever they can to satisfy themselves with. So if you think your scumpal is being honest and forthright with you, then you have been Conned by a Con as usual.

Maybe, but the murderer probably does fall in love with you, if only because you care enough to write it. You may not be fondling yourself, but it certainly is.

Innocent life doesn't count for much if someone can easily rationalize that a murderer really isn't such a bad guy after all. Women who don't write letters to their own loved ones expressing their true feelings will nevertheless spend hours gushing rapturously, in longhand, to their favorite killers.

Actually Snowy you misdefine my phrase.
Scum..the inmate
Pals..the dumb women
So the definiton of scumpal is dumb women who write killers

Yep Mama this female suffers from DDB syndrome definitely.
What is DDB you ask?
D ead
D ildo
B atteries
Very common cure tho the Energizer bunny has been known to keep women coming and coming

But Snowy she is the pal of scum...hence she is not only a lonely butt faced prostitute that is broke,she is also a scumpal.

Yes but desperate women like this probably can't get a real man so they go where there are desperate men.
I'm betting many of these men who marry these women, the women aren't that good looking. I'm not saying that good looking women don't do this but do many of them stick it out. A desperate lonely woman will believe in the goodness of any evil creature.

Anyone who writes to Scumpals are a few fries short of a Happy Meal! 

You just don't get it, do you bonehead.
While you're trying to gather symapthy for the murderer & their family did it ever occur to you that the MVS's are hurting more ?
Did they have the chance to tell their loved one goodbye
The DR inmate get's up to 20 years to tell their family how much he/she loves them. 20 years, imagine that. Let's not forget the garbage we have found on the net; Prison Pen Pals and the lies they post about how great and true humanitarians they are, never posting what got them on DR.
Why is that?
BTW I'm glad I piss you off. To me you're one twisted POS that needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Hey arsewipe you wouldn't know the truth from a hole in the ground

Wrong. Legally, all inmates are property of the state, and inmate-related correspondence belongs to the state as well.