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That the guilty get trials at all is more than they deserve. Mr. Pursley, its scumpals and family, were merely trying to get away with murder. It didn't work.
Mr. Pursley should be puffing up quite nicely now.

The only thing the mutt was sorry for is he got caught.EOS

I thought he said he was innocent and you believed him. Interesting how you back them when it comes to saving themselves.I think it shows just what kind of person they really are. Life is all about them and they only matter

Well since this murdering mutt begged for forgiveness for murdering Mr. Cook, why try him at all? If he was any kind of man, he would have admitted his crime, taken his punishment and saved the taxpayers literally millions of dollars. His statements IMPLIED that he was innocent. Since when do you think the majority of justice seeking individuals are stupid enough to fall for the semantics game you people play?
Have you no respect for human life? Does your zest for protecting these murdering bastards remove your sensablility and reason for justice?
Why is a Canandian Based group so devoted to US Justice issues? You obviously have enough murderers and criminals in Cananda...get your own house in order before you come on and condem ours

You are presumed innocent already. If you are charged with a crime, the state is forced to prove you guilty.
However, if the point of a trial is to determine guilt, and the arraignee admits his guilt, there is no need for a trial, only sentencing.

If the defendant is guilty, there shouldn't even BE a trial

STARKE, Fla. - Gov. Jeb Bush's office says Glen Ocha has been executed for strangling a woman in 1999.
Quoth the Raven "nevermore"
Quoth the dio "NEXT"

A last meal,A final injection,then we.......
Quoth the Rave "Nevermore"

Mr Ocha Ocha, howya been?
You've only got a few days left. <snap!> Lights OUT! 

And this mutt buys his needle on my birthday,so I have every reason to celebrate on his day.Woulda preffered NC do Richmond on the 5th but hey 1 killer gone is as good as the next.

But honestly, when an innocent person gets killed by a salavating necrophiliac, nobody celebrates. But oh what joy it is to see that necrophiliac no longer sponging off of the system and drinking Pepsis off of my tax money. If a media circus can be made out of Terri Schiavo, then we should definitely be allowed to make our own little media circus out of Mr. Raven. And besides, he won't even feel a thing. So have a beer, and join the party.We like to see justice done, that's all. We like to be on the side of victims, not on the side of the murdererphiles.

The word 'human' is subjective. He may look like us, but he isn't us

In my home town of San Luis Obispo, a 13 year old is currently on trial for murder. He broke into an old man's mobile home and bashed the man's skull in repeatedly with a skateboard, bragging to his accomplice later how "cool" it was. He isn't eligible for the death penalty, unfortunately. I am hoping new supreme court justices will overturn this unconscionable ruling within my lifetime.

I Do the family members of executees deserve sympathy? Should we get them flowers and greeting cards? Should we wrap the cards in plastic first, in case we bust out crying?

The purpose of capital punishment isn't to lower the murder rate.

There is no prison secure enough to keep a murderer from killing again. That is besides the point anyway. Since no rehabilitation after murder is possible, and since previous attempts at deterrence have failed, the only logical, instinctive and rational response to an act of murder is to remove the murderer from the biosphere altogether.

I apologize. I should have said capital punishment is the simple solution to the simple problem of murderers' persistent breathing.

Good question. It's a job no one wants. Frankly, I see no reason why DR guards can't be replaced by some form of automation. To appease the liberals, we could put each murderer into a coma, feed them all intravenously and evacuate bodily waste (I know: redundant) via catherization.

to a family member of a prisoner who said they had seen an execution :
"Was it fun? Did u get free popcorn?"
Did they have frosty mugs,
guacamole & chips?
Did someone jump up & yell NEXT!!"

"we had two executions in less than 8 hours. that is something we can be proud of."

"Is it me, or is today just wonderful- hmmm sun is out, and oh...what's that i hear ?... Ross is dead
HA AHA AHA AHHAHHA My time here is over folks ( just kiddin you aint getting rid of me that easy)
I cant beleive its finally happened - OMG justice at last
Good on ya New England - fish n chips all round

You think this was good ?It gets better.......Barring stays the 18th&19th both will have 2 juice parties each.2 in texas 1 in Oklahoma,and 1 in Missouri.Its really nice to see Missouri getting the dust off the gurney again,they have potential of 10 or more per yr when they get rolling good.

Well it's T minus 26 hours and counting.
Here is my Top Ten List (Letterman eat your heart out)
on the Mikey Ross Execution:
1. The case of WD-40 that I sent Fed-Ex gets there in time...after 45 years that Gurney might need a little spritz on the wheels.
2. The Lawyer Nut-Job that filed the suicide injunction gets caught in traffic and misses his court time.
3. All the other humps on CT Death Row commit suicide in protest of the juicing of Mickey...
4. ALL of the Anti's supporting him get lost going to the execution and wind up in the South Bronx...then they'll be in favor of the DP!!!
5. PAMEEEEEE gets abducted by Aliens on her way up to the execution and sent back to the planet she obviously came from...
6. The MVS's (all of them) get front row seats for the toasting of this hump.
7. The winning lottery number in CT is his time of death!
8. The story of the execution makes the London Times front page for Jane (my darling) and starts a movement to bring back the DP.
9. My sister in law in Simsbury CT makes Ross his last meal (she is a worse cook than Mrs. Benty) and sends me the news clippings from the Hartford Current which will be suitable for framing (I'll send it to Jane as our engagement present)
And finally.....

Don't forget the complimentary spray bottle, to be used at the murderer's next destination.
Hey, Pam -- I think I hear Lonnie asking for an electric fan.

Mr. Pursley Party of ONE...YOU TABLE IS READY....Sorry Pameeee, Texas doesn't allow visitors on the gurney"...

GUILTY as charged Will be even guiltier if I celebrate the death of a mutt on MAY3 KILL THE KILLER TRASH A SCUMPAL

I sure hope he has a relaxing weekend. He has a big week (or part of one to be more percise) ahead of him, and he'll need all the strength he can muster to hop-up on that gurney and pay his debt to society.

Don't forget to send Pam a post card, Lonnie.
Let's see....iodine, cotton balls...check....saline....check...potassium chloride....check...

he'll need all the strength he can muster. He has a big week coming-up. But one thing is for sure; he will undoubtably sleep well come tuesday.

2 more wake up calls to go....sleep well

The only good murderer is a dead murderer.
The disposal of murderers in Texas is handled by the Department of Corrections.
On Tuesday, the good people of Texas will finally be able to say to a vicious killer:
"Congratulations. You have been CORRECTED."

Hasta la vista, Lonnie. Here's a complimentary bottle of Aquafina. You will probably need it where you're going. Hugs! xoxoxox

No motions no stays
No high priced attorney
will save him in Texas
when he's strapped to the gurney

Hey Pam.....Are you Lonnies WIFE? Because I read that he has a wife and kids. Are you two married? Or is HIS WIFE in your prayers too tomorrow?


Thursday!! Thursday??

Well, it sure is high time to say:

Richy Cartwright, C'MON DOWN!!!

you know you wanta!

Now he can write a new journal "execution uncensored", but he better hurry up, his time is running out...