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I make fun of noone who is about to be murdered,I hope and pray that someday we can all feel secure in the knowledge that noone WILL be.However this Raven guy is not about to be muredered,he is about to be executed according to the law of the land.BIG DIFFERENCE.We as a society did not volunteer him to be on the row, we didn't go out looking for him to fill an empty bed,and we never twisted his arm to commit his crime. He volunteered of his own free will to become the animal he is,and hence the State of Fl is forced to deal with himl. Instead of bashing me for celebrating the pending date with justic your buddy has Anti, you should be sending him another of your nutso we love ya letters,time is wasting,this time next month you can still bash us pros........are you sure you'll still be able to write your buddy.......I doubt it.

And just why, since this this murdering mutt had one thread of decency in him to admit his crime and accept the LAW that he violated, would you still be Anti DP?
Does common sense not have a place in your mind?
You obviously wrote to the murderer, did you bother to show any sympathy to Carol Skjerva's family as well?
Or are you just another bleeding heart liberal narcissist?

WOW 4/5 date huh......Ummm I will warn all you antis in advance that 4/5 happens to be my birthday so forgive me if I get drunk as a loon chase wild women and forget to take my vitamins.....I won't be celebrating the execution of your lover,I'll just be turning 40...WELL OK actually I will be but we'll pretend I aint
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I support capital punishment as proper waste management. It's simply better for the environment -- less energy consumption (don't forget about global warming) than LWOP, fewer resources consumed, less bodily waste to pollute the water table and soil, etc.
Save whales, not murderers, is my motto.

Capital punishment is a simple solution to a simple problem.

IF these goody-two-shoes liberal morons are not walking for michael ross who publicly said he deserves to die for what he did, what the hell is this nonsense all about? These liberal turds are just going to show up on the day ross is being administered justice and that is a coincidence? You really are a mindless twit.
Remember the next time you are out hugging a tree and a bee flies up and stings your ass that it is God's way of telling you what an assh*le you are.

God bless the tie-down team:  they are they people who make it happen. Please raise your glasss and give respect to the folks on the front line.

I am not asking for a long winded answer,
See Beej's reply here and you I have my answer Antis don't follow instructions.I dislike those who can't follow a simple pattern of rules and regulations.Killers seem to like to violate the most important of all laws,so I seem to like seeing a few get juiced.....shoulda followed the rules

On the execution of Richard Cartwright (upcoming)
Shame on him, his mother, and anyone connected with him!

When a child is involved in a murder, I don't believe there is anything worse...John Gotti chainsawed the guy that ran over his kid (by accident) in half while the guy was still alive. They never recovered his body...I think dice him up with his own chain saw and leave the eyes for the skunks to eat.

Quite a bit can be done with murderers, in fact. Did you know that animal fats are often used in adhesives, soap, cosmetics and even some pharmacuticals? I am sure that their remains can be brought down to a molecular structure, and thus turned into some compounds and byproducts that are useful. There are, in fact, companies that collect grease from restaurants and turn it into biodiesel fuels, lubricants, and many other goods. Perishables from meat departments in grocery stores and from restaurants aren't usually thrown out, they go to rendering plants and get recycled as well.

The expungement of a murderer is always a happy event. Members of the law-abiding, non-murderer-loving population no longer have to suffer the murderer's persistent breathing.

Sorry mama but I disagree with work programs for killers.They deserve nothing that in any way resembles "normal"life.Lock them away 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.Present them with the means to end their life at any time they desire,and remind them constantly that 1 day soon they will die anyway so may as well get it over with.

Buy those guys a beer.They finally after 45 yrs are starting to see the needle aint half bad for these guys.

The first execution in New England in 45 years is an especially gratifying event. Hopefully they will expunge more murderers after that.

on Christa Pikes being allowed to go on with her appeals:Exactly. Juice her before she kills again. Personally, I wish they would shave her pretty head and strap her to the chair. 

Send her arse on back down to NC,we aint juiced a female mutt in ages....the tie down team might enjoy groping her up 1 last time  

These are things they were said on their plan to write to inmates and ask them to drop their appeals:

I am looking for suggestions and comments on how to improve
this letter for those who have expressed in interest in
spending the price of 1 stamp in order see that justice
is finally carried out.
Inmates name, I was surfing the internet and saw on a
certain website that you were looking for people to
write to you. After thinking about this and doing a little
research on you I have decieded to take you up on
your offer. I see from your profile on the net that you like poetry,
smelling flowers, blahh blahh blahh. Though this one
particular web site didnt list it I also see that the
reason your under sentence of death is because you
killed _____,_____&_______.
Hopefully this will help you think about your past
crimes to finally be a true man, and drop your appeals. I
believe that everyone has to be responsible for their
own actions. By dropping your appeals in a timely
fashion you will finally be showing that you are taking
responsibility for yours, and at the same time be giving
the family members of your victims some peace.

not bad at all. I think that we should avoid overly
shaming them and focus on the notion that they have the chance to have their last action be rightous

Also, not to sound like a scumpal, but I think we should be supportive of those who choose to face justice. In other words, we should write a kind heatrted follow-up letter to those who drop their appeals, and we should refrain from using statements like, "Juice this mutt" or things of that nature

Also, we should be absolutely positive that the recipent of this letter has no legitamate appeals and that his guilt is certain. People like Kunkle for instance. We should not just randomly pick people on DR without considerable knowlege of the case.

So you are really going to do that!
Respect and good luck!

Of course we will do it, when it is ready I will let the pros who want to participate know, and they can sign and mail off the form letter..
I will be back home in a couple of weeks and things will really start rolling then. We might have picked our lucky murderer of the week by then.

on what this letters could do to a mentally ill person: Well I have two ideas -- suicide or execution. Am I overlooking a third possibility?

Well for the cost of a good meal for two, I can send this letter to a hundred murderers, in hopes of getting just one to do the right thing. It's more than worth it.
And I do think these letters would make it to the inmates. The prisons have no reason to withhold them.

"To the biowaste it may concern" ?
Yeah I know. Inflammatory. 

Ah, the empath (Anti) has returned. Pluck a murderer, and his scumpal vibrates

Well, it is a shot in the dark. I don't know if it will work. As you may have surmised from a random sampling of my posts, the esteem I have for members of the murdering community is a tad low. Some might even call me judgmental!
I hope it works, anyway. It's enough that scumpals worry that it will

I would further advise that amongst those participating in the campaign we agree to keep the inmates name private .It does no good if the antis can send word to him thru a fellow scumpal.Let the antis WONDER

I don't hate people. I hate murderers. My therapist does, too. 

I can help albeit from 6000 miles away ( or however far)
my business is in door - door delivery of cargo / courier/ whatever else - i have huge connections in the states.
All the UK parcels / letters to the staes are hand delivered (so we know the bastards get them)
i will do my bit from this side of the pond - and flood them with UK letters.
let me know when the letter is complete and i will ensure my international post machine is set up for maximum export.  

No need to explain yourself to these murder lovers Aga....Let them dream of their silly LWOP option while yet another mutt gets the dirt threw upon his coffin.....a waste of good coffins and dirt by the way

Liberals think you can reform an ax murderer. They don't want to kill anything. They want to change the Listerine labels: "Rehabilitate the germs that can cause bad breath."
I support LWOP..LOL I just favor shorter Lives for killers

I can't help but point out that my solution reduces the executee to the size of a cereal box, which can be wrapped with cheap ribbon and attached to a small teddy bear, for the parents and/or scumpal du jour.

I live very near where this animal wreaked his havoc,I know full well what you are talking about when you say he deserve his execution.I was unaware of the little girl,but that could in no way change how I feel.I ,just as you,await the news that his pathetic arse has been rolled out of the chamber with a sheet over his face,but be patient there is still time for the antis to deny society a reprieve from this waste of oxygen.KILL THE KILLER BANISH THE STAY