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To you character doesn't count. To me, it does. Murder defines the murderer. It, the murderer, is nothing more or less than a murderer. It is still a murderer when it is dead and buried. Its children are the children of a murderer. Its parents are the parents of a murderer. A thousand years hence, it will still be a murderer.

Declaration of life

I made a few changes to so I could be able to sign it and so I could agree with it. What do you think?
Declaration of Life
I, the undersigned, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do hereby in the presence of witnesses make this Declaration of Life.
1. I believe that the murdering of one human being by another is morally wrong.
2. I am unopposed to capital punishment on any grounds whatsoever.
3. I believe it is morally wrong for any state or other governmental entity to not take the life of a human being by way of capital punishment for any reason other than them being innocent.
4. I believe that capital punishment is not a deterrent to crime and serves only the purpose of revenge and justice and should therefore be allowed in all murder cases.
THEREFORE, I hereby declare that should I die as a result of a violent crime, I request that the person or persons found guilty of murder for my killing be subject to or put in jeopardy of the death penalty under all circumstances, especially noting how heinous their crime was and how much I may have suffered.
I believe it is morally right for my death to be the reason for the killing of another human being. I request that the Prosecutor or District Attorney having the jurisdiction of the person or persons alleged to have committed my homicide immediately file or prosecute an action for capital punishment as a result of my murder.
I request that this Declaration be made admissible in any trial of any person charged with my murder and read and delivered to the jury.
I request the Court to allow this Declaration to be admissible as a statement of the victim at the sentencing of the person or persons charged and convicted of my murder; and to pass sentence in accordance with my wishes.
I request that the Governor or other executive officer(s) grant no pardon, no clemency and take no action to ensure the carrying out of the execution of any person or persons found guilty of my murder.
This Declaration is meant to be, and should be taken as, a statement that the person or persons who have committed my homicide should be executed.
I request that my family and friends take whatever actions are necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of this Declaration; and I further request them to take no action contrary to this Declaration.
During my life, I want to feel confident that under if I am murdered then the circumstances of my death will result in the capital punishment of another human being.
I request that, should I die under the circumstances as set forth in this Declaration and the death penalty is requested, my family, friends and personal representative deliver copies of this Declaration as follows: to the Prosecutor or District Attorney having jurisdiction over the person or persons charged with my murder; to the attorney representing the person or persons charged with my murder; to the judge presiding over the case involving my murder; for recording, to the Recorder of the County in which my murder took place and to the Recorder of the County in which the person or persons charged with my murder are to be tried; to all newspapers, radio and television stations of general circulation in the County in which my murder took place and the County in which the person or persons charged with my murder are to be tried; and to any other person, persons or entities my family, friends or personal representative deem appropriate in order to carry out my wishes as set forth herein.
I affirm under the pains and penalties of perjury that the above Declaration of Life is true.
DECLARANT signature
DECLARANT printed name
WITNESS signature
Witness printed name
STATE OF___________ COUNTY OF ___________
Before me, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared the DECLARANT and acknowledged the execution of the foregoing instrument this ______ day of _________________, 200__. Witness my hand and notarial seal.
Notary Public

I think this document is a good idea because in fact all pros and antis are discussing the fate of someone else's killer. I made this question a few months ago "would you forgive your own killer" and some "smart" people came up with this "bright" answer "no, you couldn't because you would be dead then". Yeah righ, all dead people were alive sometime and they could have stated their choice while they were alive, and this is the purpose of this document. I think a person has the right to be an anti for her/his own killer, so this document is fine by me. I can tell that in the event of I being killed I want my killer as dead as me. And I state this while I am still alive, so yes smart people out there, a dead person can forgive/punish her/his own killer...

As a tribute to the VICTIMS, I personally will start referring to the murderers not by thier given name but a suitable description of them such as Mutts, Humps, Skells, Dirt Bags, Scum Bags, or what ever moves me at the time.
I have said so in the past but have also been negligent of not referring to the Victim(s) by name; I'm going to make a valiant attempt to name the Victim, who is the most important person in the discussion of the DP to show respect for them and contempt for the murdering bastard that did the crime.
If this offends anyone, please donít bother to email me, or send a private message or even post on this thread because quite frankly I donít care.
I call on both Anti's and Pro's alike to show homage to the fallen innocent VICTIMS and not to the murdering
_ _ _ _ _ _'s (fill in your name of choice) by thier real name, prison name or name they have changed it to. (which takes money they should be paying the MVS as restitution.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation/participation in paying tribute to the INNOCENT VICTIMS of CRIME..."Lest We Forget"


OK I won't email ya I'll go ahead and say it offends me here.
It offends me that it has taken you so long to come up with this wonderful idea and actually promise to try and stick to it.Sheesh man you are Father Benty,we the bretheran look to you for guidance,please try to guide us a little faster
Wonderful Post Father B,I will strive to follow thy example and to bash any pro I see not following the lead of our fearless leader.

I have always referred to the convicted murderers as soon to be exhumans, this has greatly offended a number of antis but like you I dont care.

I'll do my best, Benty. If no one has noticed, I refuse to use the pronouns "he" or "she" in reference to a murderer. A murderer is an "it."

Ex-humans is good, Maxine, but I wonder sometimes if some of these murderers were ever human to begin with.

Well, I have thought about that.
I am convinced that at the time of birth they (soon to be exhumans) would count as being human. At that point, they would have had no opportunity not to deserve the title human, their right to that title expires at the point of choice to murder and further it is confirmed by their condemnation to death.
My simple view.

You don't think someone can be born evil?

Yes, but until that evil is expressed, they are still humans

That is your opinion based on faith, Dio. You're entitled to it, but I'm a critical thinker. I don't assume all babies are born absent all evil. Like Maxine says, the proof eventually shows itself later.

Bent I prefer to just call them what they are RABID ANIMALS, and instead of penpals why not refer to them at SH*ITPALS, and to those who write to such wastes as SH*ITTERS.
Whatcha think?

Great Benty!
Deleting or misspelling the names of these monsters is an important first step in stripping them of the cult status that they enjoy in the eyes of some evil minds. This has nothing to do with being 'unacademic', but rather this is a very effective way to deflate evildoers.
By becoming acquaintainted with the victims and honoring their goodness and beauty we don't have any room left over for the perpetrators. 

I personally like....scumbag and 'Bucket of Puke'.
I'm all for degrading them to the status they have earned.


Not that it has to do with justice, but it would act as a deterrent if the electric chair was used instead of the sissy style of LI we now have thanks to the liberals...
Even if televising it would save one life it would be worth it.

Televised Executions

they could broadcast it on Pay per veiw
and use some of the proceeds for the victim's family

DP nothing more than sending a defective product back to the manufacturer

I think they should be televised. But they make martyrs of these people already, so I think it would just backfire. What about a DVD release at the end of the year

Well Euro
Since the death penalty in our country is an American problem
Foreign liberal veiws hardly matter
Hell being German Id think you would be all for the death penalty
considering your country murdered and executed over 7 million people

Yes there is a 'Crime Victims Fund' that the proceeds could go to.
I personally think that the viewing of an execution on TV would be a HUGE HIT....if it was done by Electric Chair, Hanging, Gas Chamber, or Firing Squad. But....I have to agree with the other posters here, watching a guy just drift off to sleep would not be of any more interest than watching YOU go to sleep. And....if they were to televise his execution, they would also HAVE to include the heinous crime that brought him to that end result! (they could just tell it....they wouldn't have to show it)
But yes....if they wanted to televise it, it would have to be by other means other than the 'lala land LI' or people would not bother tuning in. JMO

Agreed, but I would like a scumpal in the room to gracefully point to the gurney, with executee strapped thereto, like Carol Merrill did to the prizes on "Let's Make a Deal."
A blue sequined evening gown, I think, would be appropriate.

Oh Geez Joe......a scumpal couldn't do that job. She would get tears all over her sequins!